Club Amazon Bördübet is located in the Bördübet Region located between Marmaris and Datça. It is concealed between pines and sweetgums. It has a flat structure and there are no descents and ascents, dangerous roads, etc.   The facility is located 500 m from its beach. You are unable to see the sea from your room because you are in a lush pine forest.  You can reach the beach either by rowing your boat on the winding creek or a five-minute walk in the forest.  You can get to the beach with your vehicle if you wish so.

A holiday at Club Amazon Bördübet unfortunately is not a dynamic and crazy holiday experience full of surprises on a beach crammed with hundreds of people struggling to walk, a beach full of beach/street vendors screaming at the top of their lungs,   sunbathing chair attendants telling you that your time is up and you should leave, happy groups of friends burying a member of the group in the sand and playing a guitar by their head.

A holiday at Club Amazon Bördübet is freedom, calmness, and relaxation. It is either being isolated or being social. It is peace and time flows slowly… the only stress you will experience is regarding minor details, such as “I wonder which tree is the crocodile behind?” or “was that thing that touched my foot a boa constrictor?"