Dining at the Amazon

Tastes you won’t forget presented with an understanding that hasn’t changed for 33 years.

While preparing the menu of the following day each night, the Amazon kitchen team wonder the expression of satisfaction on the face of guests the next day…  the dishes are prepared wonderfully due to this curiosity. Those competent in cooking will know that there is always something missing in a meal prepared without wonder, excitement, enthusiasm, and affection.

Some drift off to where the music takes them while eating, and some drift off into their conversation or the flames on the stove …different faces and stories at each table, the common thing is the food.

We observe your eyes each night with the same enthusiasm and excitement... Your sparkles give us power... While you impatiently wait to be served, we also wait inside impatiently to serve you. 

Amazon dishes are efforts, a longing, wonder, and affection…

Bon appetit.