Also known as the “Vardo," these are the renowned rooms of our facility. They are completely wooden. It is ideal for couples requesting larger space to stay, families with children, and 3-4 person adult groups. These rooms are approximately 15 square meters, and they have a standard double bed and an additional bed or bunk bed option.
The shower and toilet are inside. The room has a TV, satellite receiver, mini bar, hairdryer, heater for cold nights, and ceiling ventilator for cooling. The most important feature of the Gypsy Wagons located under pine and sweetgum trees is that the ceiling above the double beds is completely glass. Gökova is the place where you can watch the stars most clearly and this way you can fall asleep watching the sparkling stars between the tree branches…

All our rooms are waiting for you with tables, chairs, sunbathing chairs, and hammocks in front of them.

We wish you a happy holiday in advance,